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The REACH Project

Transforming Communities One Life at a Time! 



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"Mrs. Melissa was the beacon of light that led me through my undergraduate career."



 Respect Empowerment Aspiration Community Hope 

Max’s decision led to the birth of the REACH. The organization was incorporated in Texas in 2017 and received its 501(c)(3) federal tax-exempt status in 2018. Today, it is governed by an independent Board of Directors.


The REACH Vision

To create transformative communities where historically invisible members have the opportunity to realize their full potential.

The REACH Mission

To provide the resources required to help all members of the community acquire the skills and assets needed to achieve financial self-sufficiency, build transgenerational wealth, and prevail over the obstacles preventing them from achieving their fullest potential.

The REACH has created a self-sustaining higher education ecosystem that encourages all members of the Texas A&M University community to experience Respect,  Empowerment, Aspiration, Community, and Hope. 


REACH intends to disrupt the societal stigma that attaches to University’s service workers by weaving together all segments of the community and making the invisible Aggies, visible.

Our Pursuit

REACH simultaneously pursues community development, lifelong learning, quality workforce housing, health and economic security for Aggie workers, through creating opportunities for the entire Aggie community to be woven together.

OUr Programs

Food insufficiency was one of the immediate challenges facing families in the wake of mass COVID layoffs. REACH partnered with local funders, social media supporters,  restaurants, caterers, the BV Food Bank, and TAMU volunteers to provide thousands of family meals to laid off Essential Aggies.






 REACH provides basic and preventive healthcare to uninsured and underinsured Essential Aggies and their families. The Initiative offers a variety of programs including, health fairs, pop-up clinics, video consultations, and a soon to open clinic.​




Owning a home is the quintessential American Dream. REACH offers a 7-step program to guide Essential Aggies on their journey to realize their American Dream of homeownership.


My Journey


REACH Health & Wellness Clinic

REACH Health & Wellness (RHW) Clinic is a student-run, and faculty-supervised, medical clinic and educational facility offering interdisciplinary high impact service opportunities to students from all across Texas A&M. The RHW Clinic will seek to serve Invisible Aggies, and others in the Aggie community who lack affordable access to healthcare resources. The RHW Clinic will be housed in a student-built facility to be located on or near the Texas A&M campus. This clinic will be a collaboration between the REACH Project and various departments and divisions within the Texas A&M system. 

The RHW Clinic will be lead by Dr. Regina Beard, the Executive Director, and Dr. Hector Chapa, the Medical Director. The Clinic will provide preventive healthcare education, diagnostic resources, and an intensive referral network to local medical and dental clinics, hospitals, and social service organizations when necessary. It is anticipated that over the next 3-5 years, under the University’s leadership, the RHW Clinic will become a fully functioning medical clinic; serving as an extension of the Texas A&M Health Science Center providing for interdisciplinary professional education.

Sustainable higher education ecosystem

Program Strategies 

Physical Strategies

Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Assessment

Early Childhood Development & Daycare

Homeownership Awareness & Preparation

GED & Certification Training

Primary Skill Development

Computer Literacy

Financial Literacy & Budgeting

Upskilling & Career Planning

Wellness Screening & Education

Language Education & Literacy

Naturalization Preparation & Citizenship Education

Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Home Maintenance & Repair

Credit Repair & Financial Stability

Affordable Housing

Affordable Learning Village 

Learning Center 

Community Garden

Single-Family Home

Community Health Clinic

Transitional Housing

Fitness Facilities

Early Childhood

Development Center

Nature Trails & Safe Play Areas

Farmers' Market

The Village is intended to serve as a living laboratory to research, design, and test affordable home designs, materials, and construction methodologies; to evaluate the impact of nontraditional land use designs, active and passive energy technologies, and social determinants of healthy communities. Additional colleges and departments will evaluate the ways in which quality-of-life is impacted by access to clean, safe, affordable rental housing, reduced commuting times and costs, access to plentiful nutritious food grown on-site, regular access to preventive health care, and the availability of supplemental educational opportunities for workers and their children; all delivered via High Impact Service Learning Opportunities for A&M students. 


The Village will provide high quality, transitional rental housing, and community space for approximately 140 qualified Invisible Aggie renters who have committed to participating in the social, educational, health, and financial services and programs available in the Village, while saving money for a new home, and learning new skills for themselves and their children.

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Board members


REACH12 Leaders

REACH Advisory Alliance

REACH12 is a select group of 12 community leaders, assembled to propel the REACH initiative to its optimum potential. The alliance is comprised of key University partners and local community leaders from Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, Construction Science, the Center of Government Nonprofits and Philanthropy, a representative from Mays Business School, and the University Career Center, as well as representatives from The Brazos County Health District, Bryan City Council, City of College Station Director of Community Development, and AgriLife Extension.

REACH12 is championed by a faculty member with expertise in low- income housing, home-ownership, and community development. She is leading the development of a tactical plan to more fully incorporate the REACH vision, mission, and student and community programming into broader university initiatives. The members of REACH12 have each pledged their intellectual, relational and financial resources or support of the vision and mission.



"The REACH Project aims to help food service, custodial, grounds, and maintenance employees who have
"Hundreds of "invisible Aggies" have been laid off, furloughed or had their hours reduced. Sunday's
"Texas A&M safety Leon O'Neal Jr. put out a plea for people to help support the 'Invisible Aggies' i
"Max Gerall, co-founder and CEO of the REACH Project, said the fundraiser serves two purposes: feedi
"The REACH Project and Mr. Eastep are planning to use the money to rent an apartment for six months
"The REACH Project serves nearly 180 families twice a week. The meals are distributed in a drive-thr



Kirby Baber

Campus Liaison

 "...through education and partnerships with grad students to provide healthcare honestly left me reeling with pride to see that desire to love people in this way. Super excited to see the Aggie core values being lived out so tangibly in this city."

- Heather Laney (Nursing Volunteer)

Dr. Jaye Weston (College of Pharmacy)

- REACH Health Fair Attendees

- REACH Health Fair Attendee



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